1. Does a pic a day really keep the doctor away?

A pic a day for the next 365 days.
I'd like to try.
The most difficult part won't be taking a picture everyday
as much as publishing it here after taking it,
so maybe I'll publish the pics in small groups when I don't have time to come here everyday.
My goal is telling something about the year has just started with pictures and the smallest amount of words as possible.
If the best way to improve someone's abilities it to practice them regularly (in fact since last October I'm trying to begin writing constantly - even if this has nothing to do with this blog), this year I'm also going to take pictures more often, because photography is not only my second job, but also a passion which deserves all my attention.
And now, a toast to start!


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  1. ottima idea! sono già qui in prima fila ad assistere allo spettacolo!